ixp23xx NPU (adi roadrunner) and ethernet

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having trouble with this board.
is there any ixp23xx-patch existing for a 2.4 kernel? i found only patches for ixp2000/ixp4xx/ixp1200 for the 2.4 kernel.
i know that there are patches for 2.6.x kernel and i already compiled one with success. it is working fine but unfortunately the given intel_drivers for the network arent working.
(with insmod -> failure kernel to old(???) ) adi doesnt provide any further support for this board.
i think the should work with a 2.4 kernel.
there must be a patch because adi provided a precompiled kernel (but it doesnt fit to my usage).

is there anyone who can help me? this would be great.

thanks a lot

christoph lenk

HEIG-VD Yverdon-les-Bains
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