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2009/2/17 keerti <keerti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear all ,
> I am trying to port linux on 1MB flash on R3210.i have burn the bzImage at location 0xfff00000 and initrd image at 0xfffffb00.
> when i try to boot from redboot prompt by using the command
> "linux -b 0xfff00000 -l 0xa157c -r 0xfffffb00 -s 0x933a"
> i am hung at
> mem_size: 1000000
> int15_e801: 3c00
> base_addr is 0xfff00000
> initrd 0000 len 933a
from the log above, it seems kernel say your initrd is located at
0x0000, not 0xfffffb00 you expect.
Would you please post the whole kernel log?

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