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> I've recomplied the kernel, and I'm getting this now at boot (dmesg):
> i2c /dev entries driver
> i2c-gpio: probe failed: -19

19 is ENODEV, right? "No Such Device" (see include/asm-generic-errno-base.h)

And it says that the "probe failed". If you take a look at the Linux
device drivers you will see that they often have a "probe" function.
AFAIK, the only way the probe can fail for the i2c-gpio is if it wasn't
registered or made available to the kernel in the first place.

Which version of the kernel are you using? Like I said earlier, the latest
couple versions of the kernel handle the I2C GPIO_or_TWI selection (via
CONFIG_*) and registration automatically in the *_devices.c file common to
the at91 processor.

If you are using an older kernel, you must do this yourself in the board

In an earlier email you said: "I'm using 2.6.23 now, but will change to
newer.". Have you changed to newer?

Grep for "gpio" in some other board-*.c files and see how i2c-gpio is
registered in the older kernels, or just grab the latest kernel.


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