What is the minimum arm processor architecture for reliably running Linux?

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I'm evaluating some packaged motor controller boards that include arm
processors as part of the controller architecture. The application I'm
working on requires OS support. I would prefer to use Linux. I'm trying
to determine what the minimum Arm core architecture to reliably support
Linux would be. Note I emphasize reliable. I do not want to have
situations where memory fragmentation resulting from a lack of mmu would
cause Linux failures.  Based on my investigations this would mean that
as a minimum I need

Family                   Architecture                       Core


ARM7TDMI       ARMv4T                        ARM710T or ARM720T


Moving up I could look at 

Family              Architecture                   Core


ARM8               ARMv4                         ARM810

ARM9TDMI       ARMv4T                        ARM920T


Can anyone share their real workd experience?



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