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seems like I can't read data coming to /dev/ttyS1. I can send data to this port using echo "smth" > /dev/ttyS1 and I see coming data to PC terminal, but if I send data from PC terminal directly to COM2 and reading it with :
1. cat /dev/ttyS1 (or tee)
2. tail -f /dev/ttyS1
3. my own program written in C with open()...
In console - I see nothing, but I see going data in oscillograph (usually sending U letters, because it's symetric and it's easy to understand signal in oscillograph).

Also I'm tracking information in /proc/tty/driver/atmel_serial. I see my sent data at TX:xx, but where has to be received data at RX, I see RX:0.
So I've made a trick by connecting RX and TX ports before ST3232C changer, where signal levels are 3.3V. Then I send data and see that it comes in /proc/tty/driver/atmel_serial TX:xx RX:xx (where xx -> sent/received bytes, both same). But anyway, I still can't see sent data in console even with short-circuited USART RX/TX ports.

What have I missed?

Angstrom 2.6.24, AT91SAM9263.
Sorry for my bad english and thank You for helping.

Tomas D.
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