Re: PXAFB command line for standard VGA monitor

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look in the kernel source tree at /documentation/pxafb.txt for more


On 2/24/08, Victor <pfc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> We recently adquired an ARCOM VIPER Board (PXA255) for some
> development purposes. It came with FPIF-CRT adaptor to use an external
> standard VGA monitor ("Converts the VIPER-Lite flat panel output to a
> standard analog RGB VGA signal for use with a regular monitor"). I've
> having lots of problems to make my kernel display anything on our
> computer monitors (15-17-22'' TFT monitors). I always end getting an
> about "out-of-sync" or something like that.
> Arcom Viper's manual just talks about configuring pxafb with
> mode:640x480-16 for VGA monitors. Ive tried that, and some more
> options without any result.
> Is there a way to calculate what parameters do i need to pass to
> video=pxafb to make the kernel fb work on an standard VGA monitor?
> Thanks.
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