i2c on sam9-l9260

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Hi all,

I've been strugling with the linux kernel of the olimex sam9-l9260 for
three weeks now an i think this is a good time to ask you guys for
some help.

The board has a 10-pin connector with a (second) serial port, spi and
i2c pins and I want to have one of them (i2c master beeing the first
choice) available to a user program to communicatie to other devices.

While booting, the kernel finds 3 serial ports:
atmel_usart.0: ttyS0 at MMIO 0xfefff200 (irq = 1) is a ATMEL_SERIAL
atmel_usart.1: ttyS1 at MMIO 0xfffb0000 (irq = 6) is a ATMEL_SERIAL
atmel_usart.2: ttyS2 at MMIO 0xfffb4000 (irq = 7) is a ATMEL_SERIAL
ttyS0 of them is used for the console and works fine (maybe because it
is initialised by u-boot?). Sending data to one of the other two seems
to work okay (takes some time and ends without a message), but the pin
remains high.  I suspect the PIO controller is not set properly.

So i think i need to get devices for gpio or i2c to get the extra
interface I want. And to get that, I need module support. And since
the current kernel does not support modules In need to rebuild it with
other options.

So far i have succesfully rebuild the 2.6.23 kernel from the sources
with 2.6.23-at91.patch applied, configuring with sam9_l9260_defconfig.
But when I try to change any setting with make menuconfig, there are a
lot of questions to be answered while building and (probably since I
don't have all the right answers) the result is a kernel that does not

I'm stuck at this point and hope you can tell me if i'm on the right
track and give me advice on how to proceed.


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