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On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 09:45:26AM +0530, Shivasharan Madhure wrote:
> I am sending this directly to you as my mails to
> linux-arm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx are getting blocked.

Well, you should get a better mail account then. gmail for example is
known to work with these mailing lists.

> I am working on the i.MX21 board with ARM926EJ-S core. I have
> downloaded the 2.6.14 kernel and the patch
> "ipipe-2[1].6.14-imx21-1.5-06.patch".

2.6.14 is very ancient, and taken the fact that the i.MX21 is currently
not in the Linux mainline, it sounds like you are using some vendor
patch, which is usually not what is supported on these mailing lists.

ipipe sounds like a Xenomai patch for me. So if it doesn't apply, please
contact the Xenomai mailing list and they may give you better answers
than we here.

> When I applied the patch, it asked for a number of files to be
> patched, 3 of which were not present, so finally it said "1 of 1 hunk
> skipped". Does this mean the patching was failed?

Yes. You don't seem to use the code base the patch was made for.

> The patched kernel got successfully compiled with the toolchain I have
> built also. Looking forward to your help.

Well, it might happen that you don't get the realtime features you might
expect with ipipe/xenomai.

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