Re: Errors in making initrd image for ARM AT91RM9200

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Check command sintax, I think you put a slash more

/LinuxARM/images/SIMPLE-ramdisk.image.gz/ <----

Remove it , because mkimage interprets as a directory name intead of a 
file name.


Ravi Chobey wrote:

>Dear All,
>I am new to ARM development community.
>I am facing problems in making the ramdisk image for Atmel Arm processor AT91RM9200.I am trying the following commmands, but i am not getting the desired results:
>tools/mkimage -n 'Simple Ramdisk Image' -A arm -O linux -T ramdisk -C gzip -d /LinuxARM/images/SIMPLE-ramdisk.image.gz/ examples/simple-initrd 
>tools/mkimage: Can't read /LinuxARM/images/SIMPLE-ramdisk.image.gz/: No such device
>Please help me in sorting this error.

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