Problems booting kernel + GCC 4.1.1 (EABI)

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Hi all;

I am trying to port linux on an ARM9 based board. For that I
created a new tool chain using GCC-4.1.1 ( Binutils ) with EABI

When i load binaries in RAM, the kernel hangs and shows no output. Also, i
have verified that console, command line, etc are correct. It does not seem
to be a problem with my board as previous kernel ( compiled with
gcc-4.0.3 ) runs fine.

When i break before running anything, PC is at correct address 0x018000 ;
but the assembly instructions that i see are garbage ( some dcd mnemonic ).
However when i reset PC to 40018000, i can see <stext> and all mnemonics.

On flashing the kernel, I get " Decompressing kernel... Decompression of run
image Successful! Before Jumping to Kernel Entry " and thats it.

Please let me know for any other necessary information.

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