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hi all,
i would like to thanks that my this problem is solved.the problem was
related with bootargs.
but there is a new problem i am facing nowdays.
As far as now i am porting  ubootloader on IMX board on arm11 processor.
for debugging i am using ARM PARTNER jtag.The problem i am facing
after resetting the arm board.on minicom it doesnot print anything.

when  JTAG is connected to board through jumper my bootloader code is
working fine
and it print all serial and lan related printing on minicom.and  i am
also able to execute assembly code in uboot file using JTAG.there is
an seven segment display which is also working fine.

In JTAG CFG file i commented out all the initialization related to
target.and some few things are related to jtag are left which is not
required for target.bootloader works fine if i am using
CFG with commented part.and if i removed JTAG from board  it doesnot
print anything on minicom.i dont know which point is culprit.

Could you send me the solution.

Thanks and regards
 sanjeev sharma

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