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On 1/10/07, Ajay Jain <ajain@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am trying to GUI system for my ARM board. Is there any
> windows systems
> that you can recommend that have worked with ARM processor?

We have used NANO-X (MicroWindows) here, on our NeoMagic SOC, its an
ARM926EJS solution. We have used this as a replacement to QTOPIA. The
major advantage is that QTOPIA is very very heavy (~15MBs), whereas NANO
takes about 1MB, and its a very good solution for Embedded Software.

yes qtopia is heavy and its supposed to be heavy  as it includes all kinds
of fancy widgets(rich edit controls) and frameworks
but i think that it will be a good idea to have a look at the new qtopia 4
releases. they seemed pretty trimmed down compared to previous versions. it
now runs on its own rather than on top of qt - embedded  we  have put qtopia
2 releases but i still didn't get the chance to check out the new versions.

nano X is good choice though it is minimal, if your system is stringent on
resources. try it out if u want a lean mean system.

there is another option minigui by a japanese company which achieves best of
both worlds or at least tries to achieve. it actually has more features and
supports better features than nano and is far less heavy than qtopia.

we have tested all three on our iMX21 ADS board and finally settled on

add to this, it is easliy cross compilable and a good API doc is also
available. The GUI is also reasonably good, we are using it for our
Mobile TV Application here. All in all, its a good light weight

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