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Hi, there.

I had an experience to modify the network device driver to support mii-tool utiility.

I think that the most PCI network device driver implements some features that mii-tool uses.

But the ISA or CPU generic bus driver does not support this ability.

In my opinion,  the most ISA network cards only supported the 10Mbps at that time.

Even the 91C111 supports the 100Mbps, the driver of this is mainly from the ISA driver model.

If you read RTL8139 network device driver, which supports the mii-tool interface, you can find the relation between the mii-tool and the network device driver.

I added some features to my network device driver which was fcc_enet.c in ppc arch and succeeded.

The do_ioctl of net_device structure was called in my case when I invoke the mii-tool

I think it may be the same as your case.

Best regards,

JunSeok Lee

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  Subject: ifconfig

    I'm trying to use ifconfig to change the speed of the link of my 
  ethernet interface.
    I have tried with the following:
    ifconfig eth0 media 10baseT

    The command returns without complaining, but the physical speed 
  remains at 100MBPs.

    In my system busybox is used to implement ifconfig and I suspect that 
  busybox doesn't support the media option.

    I have tried to find out which package contains ifconfig in order to 
  compile it for arm but I haven't found it so I would appreciate if 
  anyone of you could tell me which package do I need to compile 
  "ifconfig" or could send me an ARM version of "ifconfig".

    Maybe the SMSC91C111 physical speed cannot be manipulated with ifconfig.

    Thank you in advance.

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