__arch_clear_user( ) cause abort exception

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      I use initramfs as roofs image and build it into kernel image when
build vmlinux image. I use JTAG load image into AXD and debug vmlinux image.

Krnel run to run_init_process(execute_command) in init/mian.c. It occurs
abort exception. I step trace it and find the excute flow as follow:

      run_init_process( )=>execve( )=>do_execve( )=>serach_binary_handler(
)=>load_elf_binary( )=>padzero( )=>
        clear_user( )=>__arch_clear_user( )

      I am sure abort exception occurs in __arch_clear_user() function. Why
the occurs here?
      Have anybody meet the same problem?
      Any clues are welcom!
 Best Regards!

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