Re: booting a 2.6.16 kernel

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El Sábado, 1 de Julio de 2006 13:31, digitek escribió:
> I am trying to boot a 2.6.16 kernel on an Atmel at91rm9200
> using uboot 1.1.2.  I keep getting this error message:
> 	Error: unrecognized/unsupported machine ID (r1 = 0x000000fb).
> Can someone explain what this means and a way to fix it?

  Until you get the latest version of U-Boot working, a quick workaround is to 
modify the kernel. In the file arch/arm/tools/mach-types change the line:
at91rm9200ek        MACH_AT91RM9200EK   AT91RM9200EK        705
at91rm9200ek        MACH_AT91RM9200EK   AT91RM9200EK        262
  With that modification it should boot.


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