cannot mount mtd partitions

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Hi All,

I am trying to get 2.6 working on IXDP425 plattform.
I can probe, detect and display flash partitions.
Even kernel terminal screen logs show the :
Creating 6 MTD Partitions on "IXP4XX-Flash.0"
(followed by hard coded address map being shown )

But, after getting shell prompt. I cannot see or mount by hand any
partitions except root !!

Which means thats say, my applications partition is mtdblock3 ..
and I issue this command
mount -t jffs2 -o remount,rw /dev/mtd/3 /sbapps
It errors saying:
mount: Mounting /dev/mtd/3 on /sbapps failed: Invalid argument.

What could be going wrong ? Any pointers, anyone can give ?
I / Kernel can mount root partition successfully.
(Just playing around, if I do
mount -t jffs2 -o remount,rw /dev/mtd/3 /
i.e mount at / : it doesn't cribs anything, but cannot still see files)

If I replace this with a 2.4 kernel. Everything is fine. So it's got to be
some option I am missing in compilation or what ?

Any pointers will be helpful.

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