Re: i.MX MX1 SD support and Scatter Gather DMA emulation status

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On Thu, 21 Apr 2005, Pavel Pisa wrote:

> I have rearranged code, to be portable under generic ARM
> DMA support one day. Has it reason to hide device
> specific i.MX DMA support under generic DMA framework
> or is generic DMA there mainly for ISA emulation?

There is no such thing as "generic ARM DMA support".

> I lack fundamental feature in the generic DMA
> and it is support for registering transfer finished
> callback. There is missing selection of port address
> and width as well.

Then keep it i.MX specific.  There is SA11x0 specific DMA support and 
PXA2xx specific DMA support already with their own interface, and 
drivers using those are pretty much unlikely to be used on another chip 
family anyway.


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