Re: Linux port for i.mx31 Litekit from logicpd

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On 4/18/07, thomas.cooksey@xxxxxx <thomas.cooksey@xxxxxx> wrote:

There is also Freescale's public git repository for the
i.MX31/i.MX27/MXC available at;a=summary

I think the main purpose of the above repository is to mainline i.mx31
core support. I can't see any support for the litekit in there at the
moment, however I think this will be coming. Quinn/Hasan/Lennert/Anyone
else, please correct me if I am wrong about this.

Yes, especially the 'devel' branch.  There are other branches
with the released BSP patch stacks.

I have a few questions also:

1) Is it intended that this repository will contain i.MX31 LITKIT


2) If so, is someone actively working on this?
3) If not, would it be worthwhile for me to try and get this tree
booting on a LITEKIT? Perhaps after Quinn's updated (5/4/2007)
MXC/i.MX31ADS patch has been re-submitted?

I'm aware of work in progress for a LITEKIT patch
set that would apply on top of the 'bsp-imx31ads-rel3'
branch, which is based on  I'd like to
see this patch set ported to work on top of the
'devel' branch as well.

I'd also like to see a basic LITEKIT patch that could
stack on top of the latest 'stackXXXX' branch
(currently 'stack20070418') in the linux-2.6-mx
git tree.  Then it could be reviewed and
hopefully merged soon.

On the public linux-2.6-mx git tree,  the 'devel'
branch has everything but on the whole is still
fairly far from mainline.  'devel' started from
the rel3 BSP code base, and will evolve
toward mainline as pieces of it are carved
out and reviewed in manageable and logical
chunks.  I will be applying some internal
updates and fixes from the internal teams.

The latest 'stackXXXX' branch is what I'm
currently trying to merge upstream.

Some other i.MX31/27 tasks that could use
community help:

- Prepare and submit drivers/serial/mxc_uart.*,
and required patch to include/linux/serial_core.h
- Prepare and submit patch to drivers/net/fec.*
- Prepare and submit patch to drivers/net/cs89x0.*
- Bring 'devel' branch up to 2.6.21-rc7 or later
- Prepare gpio driver for review (including new API gasket?)
- Prepare i2c driver for review
- Prepare clk driver from 'devel' branch for review (after
I've applied some recent updates and fixes)
- Submit patch against drivers/mtd/redboot.c
- Convert drivers/ide/arm/mxc_ide.* to libata
- Other tasks

If any of you would like to take on one or more
of these tasks, please let me know.  I'll keep track
of who's doing what.


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