Re: [PATCHv2 17/19] ARM: OMAP4: put cpu1 back to sleep if no wake request

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"Shilimkar, Santosh" <santosh.shilimkar@xxxxxx> writes:

> Tero,
> On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 3:51 PM, Tero Kristo <t-kristo@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Wed, 2012-05-16 at 17:31 -0700, Kevin Hilman wrote:
>>> Tero Kristo <t-kristo@xxxxxx> writes:
>>> > If AUX_CORE_BOOT0 does not indicate wakeup request for cpu1, put it back
>>> > to off.
>>> Why is it waking up then?  (I know the answer, but will forget.  The
>>> changelog serves as my long-term memory.)
>> Will add comment. (Both cpus will wake-up after device-off reset.)
>>> > This is needed during wakeup from device off to prevent cpu1
>>> > from being stuck indefinitely in the wakeup loop
>>> Why does it get stuck?
>> Related to the above, if the AUX_CORE_BOOT0 is not set, the code will
>> wait for it indefinitely in busy loop.
>>> > and also to prevent wakeup problem on GP chips with device off mode.
>>> What wakeup problem?
>> This is apparently related to the GIC restore issue addressed with patch
>> 3/8 of the core-ret set (workaround for the ROM bug because of CA9 r2pX
>> gic register change), the interrupts get disabled. Maybe Santosh has
>> some comments on this one.
> Not sure what you mean wakeup issue on GP device.
> IIUC, the issue is:
> Wakeup from device OFF, hardware releases the reset for both CPUs,
> This is special case and applicable only for device OFF. The reason
> CPU1 needs to be hold back, because the security SW is affined with
> CPU0 which needs to be up and running for any of the ROM code APIs
> to work. Like setting up SMP bit, AUX control etc. Without CPU0 booted,
> CPU1 won't be able to execute those ROM functions and hence won't be
> able to boot properly.

That's a nice description of the problem.  Please incorporate a summary
like this into the changlog to describe the problem, then describe the



> I think the limitation is applicable to all OMAP4 devices as well as OMAP5
> devices.

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