Re: [PATCH v3 2/2] regulator: Add support for MAX77686.

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On 2012년 05월 23일 13:16, Yadwinder Singh Brar wrote:

>>> +     max77686_update_reg(i2c, MAX77686_REG_BUCK2CTRL1,
>>> +             max77686->ramp_delay << 6, RAMP_MASK);
>>> +     max77686_update_reg(i2c, MAX77686_REG_BUCK3CTRL1,
>>> +             max77686->ramp_delay << 6, RAMP_MASK);
>>> +     max77686_update_reg(i2c, MAX77686_REG_BUCK4CTRL1,
>>> +             max77686->ramp_delay << 6, RAMP_MASK);
>>> +
>> Why do you use i2c client still? If you registered regmap you can use
>> its API. I recommend you to use regmap_update_bits() directly.
> Yes, we are using regmap_update_bits().  max77686_update_reg() is just
> a wrapper over it.

Yes, i know what you mean. However it doesn't need max77686_update_reg()
any more since it uses regmap API. Why don't you just pass iodev->regmap
to regmap_update_bits(). It is clear that there is no reason for using
i2c client as a medium. Please check regulator and mfd driver of my
previous patch.


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