Re: [PATCH 0/2] bug fixes for coupled cpuidle

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On Friday 18 May 2012 11:35 PM, Colin Cross wrote:
> The last modifications made to the coupled cpuidle patches introduced
> two bugs that I missed during testing.  The online count was never
> initialized, causing coupled idle to always wait and never enter the
> ready loop.  That hid the second bug, the ready count could never be
> decremented after exiting idle.
> Len, these two patches could be squashed into patch 3 of the original
> set.  If you do squash them, you could also add Rafael's tags to the
> set (Reviewed-by on 1 and 2, acked-by on 3).  Or I can reupload the
> whole stack as v5 if you prefer.

I confirm that these two fixes are needed to get couple idle
v4 series working.


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