db8500.dtsi: ab8500@5 reg property invalid length

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In commit 3de3d74 "ARM: ux500: Configure the PRCMU Timer for db8500
based devices in DT", you changed DT node prcmu@80157000's #size-cells
from 0 to 1, but didn't adjust the reg property for existing sub-node
ab8500@5. Also, the indentation of the new subnode
prcmu-timer-4@80157450 looks wrong.

This makes dtc fail to compile snowball.dts:

Warning (reg_format): "reg" property in
/soc-u9500/prcmu@80157000/ab8500@5 has invalid length (4 bytes)
(#address-cells == 1, #size-cells == 1)

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