Re: [PATCH] arm: Add basic support for new Marvell Armada SoC family

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On Tuesday 15 May 2012, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> > I think we can just start with the existing plat-orion directory until
> > someone comes up with a better place.
> So you want us to put all this new source code that typically belongs
> to a mach-* directory into plat-orion/ ?

Well, it's just an idea, since it would make sense to move
dove/kirkwood/mv78xx0/orion5x closer together anyway, the logical
choice is to use the plat-orion directory for that.

So the stages would be

1. add new platform code into plat-orion
2. move DT-based parts of dove/kirkwood/mv78xx0/orion5x into plat-orion
3. over time phase out the other directories as they fall into disuse
4. rename plat-orion to mach-orion

As you point out, the ugly part of this is that we'd end up having
code in a plat-* directory that doesn't really belong there.

Another way would be to reorganize those directories upfront:

plat-orion -> mach-orion
mach-*/*.c -> mach/orion/*/*.c
mach-*/include/mach/* -> mach-orion/include/mach/*.h

and then go from there. The differences between the headers are fairly
small already, so that should be manageable.


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