Re: [PATCH RESEND v8] gpio: Device tree support for LPC32xx

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On Friday 11 May 2012, Roland Stigge wrote:
> Right. Personally, I would be fine with either of my v8 (all banks in
> dt, referenced naturally by name) and v9 (one simple DT entry for the
> whole GPIO controller, integer index for referencing banks) patches.
> Consider the DT-documented mapping in the latter case:
>       0: GPIO P0
>       1: GPIO P1
>       2: GPIO P2
>       3: GPIO P3
>       4: GPI P3
>       5: GPO P3
> Not too difficult and would also be acceptable, IMO.
> So Arnd and Grant, please agree one of those and pick it. :-)

Grant is maintainer for both GPIO and DT, so his opinion is what
counts in this case.
I was merely giving the background on how we got there so he
can make an informed decision.


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