Re: [GIT PULL 1/10] omap non-critical fixes for v3.5 merge window

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I've pulled all 10 requests. Many of them ended up going into the same
next/ branch, but that's quite OK. Please double check my merge
conflict resolutions.

One nit is that at least one of the branches had a few varying patch
subjects, so just a friendly reminder to sanitize them to ARM: OMAP.*:
or so when you apply patches.

I did notice that omap2plus_defconfig has grown a new warning caused
by "ARM: OMAP2+: clean up some cppcheck warnings" (oh, the irony!):

arch/arm/plat-omap/usb.c: In function 'omap_otg_init':
arch/arm/plat-omap/usb.c:40:6: warning: unused variable 'status'


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