RE: [PATCH 04/17] ARM: ep93xx: use machine specific hook for late init

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On Thursday, April 26, 2012 2:11 PM, Ryan Mallon wrote:
> On 27/04/12 01:38, Shawn Guo wrote:
>> Cc: Hartley Sweeten <hsweeten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Cc: Ryan Mallon <rmallon@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Signed-off-by: Shawn Guo <shawn.guo@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Why do we want this? It increases the size of the code and changes
> a static function to a non-static one that now requires ifdefery
> to handle the !CONFIG_CRUNCH case. I don't see the value in this
> patch?


See Shawn's "[PATCH 00/17] arch/arm/mach-* late_initcall cleanup".

I haven't looked closely at this yet. I think there may be some platforms
where the late_initcall's might cause a problem when making an ARM
unified kernel.

Actually I have a question about the ARM unified kernel.

Wouldn't every mach-* supported by a unified kernel have to at least
be the same ARM variant (i.e. they share a common compiler setup)?
The ep93xx is an arm920t. Are there any other mach-* types that use


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