Re: [RFC 00/14] Convert Orion to generic clk framework

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On Thursday 19 April 2012, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> I get an email from the list server saying it does not like one of the
> headers and the email needs approving. It gives no idea which header
> it does not like, and email to the list maintainer goes
> unanswered. I'm not doing anything strange either, just 
> git send-email.

This has also happened to me a few times when I sent out stuff.

> I'm supprised Mike did not get the full set, since i --cc you, so no
> list server involved.
> > Are these hosted on a public git tree somewhere?
> Not yet, but i think it is time to do that.

Yes, it's fairly easy to do, too.  If you plan to resubmit your
series soon, I'd also like a copy of the patches.


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