Re: [PATCH 01/40] clkdev: add clkname to struct clk_lookup

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On 4/13/2012 9:47 AM, Shawn Guo wrote:
>> >
>> > Instead of platforms calling these routines, can we have these calls from
>> > clk_register_*() routines directly? So, for every clock registered with
>> > common clk framework this gets done automatically. We just need to pass
>> > dev & con id strings to these routines.
>> >
> No.
> Only small portion of the entire clock tree need to be in the lookup,
> usually the leaf clocks that device drivers need to access/manage.

I am not asking to enforce this for all clocks and create too many clk lookups.
But do it for all clk_register() calls, that have valid dev_id or con_id.

Apart from device clocks, there are other clocks, parent selection, etc
that need it, so that we can do clk_get_sys().


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