Re: [PATCH 3/4] clk: add DT clock binding support

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On 04/09/2012 11:27 PM, Fabio Estevam wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 5:25 PM, Rob Herring <robherring2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> From: Grant Likely <grant.likely@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Based on work 1st by Ben Herrenschmidt and Jeremy Kerr, then by Grant
>> Likely, this patch adds support to clk_get to allow drivers to retrieve
>> clock data from the device tree.
>> Platforms scan for clocks in DT with of_clk_init and a match table, and
>> the register a provider through of_clk_add_provider. The provider's
>> clk_src_get function will be called when a device references the
>> provider's OF node for a clock reference.
>> v5 (Rob Herring):
>>    - Move from drivers/of into common clock subsystem
>>    - Squashed "dt/clock: add a simple provider get function" and
>>      "dt/clock: add function to get parent clock name"
>>    - Rebase to 3.4-rc1
>>    - Drop CONFIG_OF_CLOCK and just use CONFIG_OF
>>    - Add missing EXPORT_SYMBOL to various functions
>>    - s/clock-output-name/clock-output-names/
>>    - Define that fixed-clock binding is a single output
> The patch history should go below the --- line,

No, depends who you ask, and Grant is very much in favor of retaining
the history.


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