Re: [PATCH] ARM: pxa: fix build failure for regulator consumer in em-x270.c

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On 12-03-28 12:13 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 11:59:41AM -0400, Paul Gortmaker wrote:
>> On 12-03-28 11:27 AM, Mark Brown wrote:
>> static struct platform_device em_x270_gps_userspace_consumer = {
>>         .name           = "reg-userspace-consumer",
>>         .id             = 0,
>> static struct platform_device em_x270_gprs_userspace_consumer = {
>>         .name           = "reg-userspace-consumer",
>>         .id             = 1,
>> Note that the existing names currently don't incorporate the .id
>> field as a suffix, and so never were unique.
> No, this is just a basic part of how platform devices work - the device
> name is always the same and if you've got more than one of them they get
> different .ids.  dev_name() returns, or just name if id is set
> to -1 indicating that there's onyl one device of a given type.

OK, so Igor - can you simply retest the v2 patch, but make the
two trivial changes:

-REGULATOR_CONSUMER(ldo3, "reg-userspace-consumer", "vcc gps");
+REGULATOR_CONSUMER(ldo3, "reg-userspace-consumer.0", "vcc gps");

-REGULATOR_CONSUMER(ldo19, "reg-userspace-consumer", "vcc gprs");
+REGULATOR_CONSUMER(ldo19, "reg-userspace-consumer.1", "vcc gprs");


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