Re: [PATCH v3 13/13] gpio/omap: fix incorrect update to context.irqenable1

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On Wednesday 07 March 2012 12:16 PM, Tarun Kanti DebBarma wrote:
> In _enable_gpio_irqbank() when bank->regs->set_irqenable is valid,
> gpio_mask can be directly set by writing to set_irqenable register
> without overwriting current value. In order to ensure the same is
> stored in context.irqenable1, we must read from regs->irqenable
> instead of overwriting it with gpio_mask.
> The overwriting makes sense only in the second case where irqenable
> is explicitly read and updated with new gpio_mask before writing it
> back. However, for consistency reading regs->irqenable into the
> bank->context.irqenable1 takes care of both the scenarios.
>         if (bank->regs->set_irqenable) {
>                 reg += bank->regs->set_irqenable;
>                 l = gpio_mask;
>         } else {
>                 reg += bank->regs->irqenable;
>                 l = __raw_readl(reg);
>                 if (bank->regs->irqenable_inv)
>                         l &= ~gpio_mask;
>                 else
>                         l |= gpio_mask;
>         }
> Make the same change for _disable_gpio_irqbank().
> Signed-off-by: Tarun Kanti DebBarma <tarun.kanti@xxxxxx>
> ---
Reviewed-by: Santosh Shilimkar <santosh.shilimkar@xxxxxx>


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