RE: [GIT PULL] OMAP PM EMU fix for v3.3

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On Fri, 24 Feb 2012, Madhusudhan.Gowda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> [GOWDA] I think I should edit the commit log to avoid any confusion on
> SDTI functionality, is it ok if I do this on the GIT PULL branch ?

I'll just download your patch off the list, since I have some local 
changes to make.  So if you'd like to edit the patch description, I'd 
suggest just replying with the updated message to this thread.

> [GOWDA] I agree it is not a regression patch so can be queued for 3.4.


> [GOWDA] It does not use the runtime pm infrastructure. In my environment
> # CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME is not set


- Paul

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