Re: [PATCH 1/2] ARM: OMAP4: cminst: Add boot time __init function for cminst

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>>>>> "Vaibhav" == Vaibhav Hiremath <hvaibhav@xxxxxx> writes:

 Vaibhav> AM33xx CM module is closer to OMAP4 CM module, and
 Vaibhav> in order to reuse cminst api's we have to address
 Vaibhav> some of the differences like, base addresses and partitions.
 Vaibhav> Unlike OMAP4 CM, AM33xx doesn't have any partitions and
 Vaibhav> maintains only single partition.

 Vaibhav> So, in order to reuse the existing OMAP4 cminst code
 Vaibhav> for AM33xx this patch adds,

 Vaibhav>   - Boot time __init function, to initialize _cm_bases
 Vaibhav>     based on cpu_is_xxx
 Vaibhav>   - Instead of maintaining phy addr for CM partition
 Vaibhav>     in _cm_bases[] table and then changing it to virt addr,
 Vaibhav>     directly maintain respective virt addr.

 Vaibhav> @@ -103,19 +106,19 @@ static bool _is_module_ready(u8 part, u16 inst, s16 cdoffs, u16 clkctrl_offs)
 Vaibhav>  /* Read a register in a CM instance */
 Vaibhav>  u32 omap4_cminst_read_inst_reg(u8 part, s16 inst, u16 idx)
 Vaibhav>  {
 Vaibhav> -	BUG_ON(part >= OMAP4_MAX_PRCM_PARTITIONS ||
 Vaibhav> +	BUG_ON(part >= max_cm_partitions ||
 Vaibhav>  	       part == OMAP4430_INVALID_PRCM_PARTITION ||

How about dropping the OMAP4430_ prefix here as it's no longer 4430 specific?

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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