Re: Update: ARM Sub-Architecture Maintainers workshop at Kernel Summit 2011

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On 08/30/11 09:00, Grant Likely wrote:
> Agenda proposals (Thanks to Nicolas and Olof):
> - DT bindings for GPIO and pin mux
> - the pin mux subsystem from linusw (especially if it is still RFC by
>  then)
> - progress with the single zImage work
> - presentation/status of the DMA and memory management work wrt CMA
>  (some SOC specific hacks should go away once this is available)
> - DT porting progress
> - boot architecture status
> - Report from Arnd on experiences from first arm-soc merge window
>   - what worked well and where's room for improvement?
>   - Any particular SoC workflow that should be tuned to make his life easier?
>   - Where are the gaps where he needs help right now?
>   - How did it work out for the SoC maintainers?
> Still accepting more proposals.  Send me the topics you are burning to discuss.

One of the LPC2011's bottom lines was:
"We need more people involved in ARM maintainership to help
the sub-architecture maintainers do a better job on
review/consolidation/generalization/etc. of the code."

Despite the major goal of the DT to reduce the SoC and
board specific code to absolute minimum, there will still be cases
(e.g. discrete power management circuitry) when there is no
appropriate DT solution available and the board file
is a necessity. Also there are already many boards that will remain
and will not be converted to DT.

Bringing all the above together, I'd like to propose a new "job"
for maintaining board specific code on a cross-platform basis.

1) There might (I have not checked this, but I'm sure there is) be
code in the existing board files (that are not likely to go away
at least in a couple of years) that can be consolidated and
may be even in a cross-platform manner.
2) Lower the work load from SoC maintainers (that don't have enough
time to care much about the board specific changes).
3) Some more eyes to review the newly submitted code.

1) Resulting overhead for the code to go upstream.
2) Possible addition of merge conflicts.

I'd like to hear, what do you think of the above proposal?


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