Re: [PATCH v9 1/3] MTD : add the common code for GPMI-NAND controller driver

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1. You do not need to call parse_mtd_partitions() anymore - we re-worked
the partitions registration in l2-mtd-2.6.git:

> +static void show_bch_geometry(struct bch_geometry *geo)
> +{
> +	pr_info("---------------------------------------\n");
> +	pr_info("	BCH Geometry\n");
> +	pr_info("---------------------------------------\n");

I think these "---" only consume memory in .data. This is the kernel and
I think nice separators like this should be avoided.

> +	pr_info("ECC Algorithm          : %s\n", geo->ecc_algorithm);
> +	pr_info("ECC Strength           : %u\n", geo->ecc_strength);
> +	pr_info("Page Size in Bytes     : %u\n", geo->page_size_in_bytes);
> +	pr_info("Metadata Size in Bytes : %u\n", geo->metadata_size_in_bytes);
> +	pr_info("ECC Chunk Size in Bytes: %u\n", geo->ecc_chunk_size_in_bytes);
> +	pr_info("ECC Chunk Count        : %u\n", geo->ecc_chunk_count);
> +	pr_info("Payload Size in Bytes  : %u\n", geo->payload_size_in_bytes);
> +	pr_info("Auxiliary Size in Bytes: %u\n", geo->auxiliary_size_in_bytes);
> +	pr_info("Auxiliary Status Offset: %u\n", geo->auxiliary_status_offset);
> +	pr_info("Block Mark Byte Offset : %u\n", geo->block_mark_byte_offset);
> +	pr_info("Block Mark Bit Offset  : %u\n", geo->block_mark_bit_offset);
> +}

Isn't it too much info for normal users? Should this be pr_debug()
instead? There is another similar place in your code.


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