Re: Two OS's, two HTTPDs, two different handlings of Mime Type?

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--On 22 August 2012 13:05:40 -0400 "J.Lance Wilkinson" <jlw12@xxxxxxx> wrote:

	ForceType nor the fact the file extension, .ram, has a match for
	the mime type of audio\x-pn-realaudio in the cited TypesConfig file
	seems to be applying the correct Content-Type header on the

Not sure which of the many zillion places apache and/or your
dispatcher loads its MIME types from, but could this be down to a
difference in the presence/absence of audio/xn-pn-realaudio in
one of the many MIME types files? /etc/mime.types probably being
the relevant one on Linux.

Also, MIME types usually have a forward slash (as I wrote), rather
than a backslash (as you wrote). If that isn't just a typo in
email, it may make a difference.

Alex Bligh

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