Re: Apache proxy sending client certificate on behalf of the client

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Nevermind, got around the problem.

Thanks anyway, regards,

On Monday 28 May 2012 21:13:02 Duarte Silva wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know this should be imposssible ("sounds" to me like a MITM), but bare
> with me for a second and please tell me if this is in any way possible:
> Client (HTTPS request) -> Apache (Forward Proxy) -> Server (HTTPS)
>                           \___________________/
>                                    \/
>                 Sends the client certificate on behalf of
>                                the client
> Note that the client is able to create SSL connections but it is not able to
> send client certificate. Since the Apache is the one openning the
> connection to the end Server, isn't there a way to force Apache to send a
> specific client cert? I know the handshake is done in the Client even
> thought the server is opening the connection.
> If it isn't, is there any alternatives that do this? Maybe if it was a
> transparent proxy?
> Thanks for all your time, regards,
> Duarte Silva

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