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It would be nice if in mod_remoteip, you could specify a list of
headers and not just one.


RemoteIPHeader X-Forwarded-For, X-Forward
RemoteIPTrustedProxy gateway.localdomain

Headers would preferably to be checked for in the provided order. Use case is :

1. If there is X-Forwarded-For header use it (as the traffic is
through a forward proxy, such as squid - the value in X-Forward is the
proxy IP)
2. Otherwise if there is X-Forward header use it (traffic is direct,
but via a SNAT-ing content switch - X-Forward records the original
source address)
3. Otherwise use the connection's REMOTE_ADDR (traffic is direct - and
not via a SNAT-ing content switch)

In the current mod_remoteip, you can only pick one header - the
different headers are created by different devices.


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