Re: mod_fcgid 2.3.6 causes Apache 2.4.1 not to start with undefined symbol: ap_unixd_setup_child message

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Hi Nick, 

Did you test it with everything dynamically loaded but with
> mod_unixd loaded before mod_fcgid? I'd expect that to work,
> given what you've told us!

I tried this now. The result is, that Apache 2.4.1 is starting without any complains, so you where right.
The order of how the modules are loaded is relevant.

But I still have the problem, that I can't stop the httpd process with the init script. And I can't find any
hints in the log files what might be the reason for it. Though I'm not sure, whether this problem is
really connected to the mod_fcgid problem or not.

As I've the problem now even with an shared mod_unixd module, it might be that I broke something in
my spec file during my attempts to debug the problem.

The platform I'm on is a CentOS 6.2, with the following packages created by myself:



Additionally I builded packages for PHP-5.4.0. But as it didn't matter, whether they where installed or
not, I don't think this is relevant for the problem.


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