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On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 09:01:56AM -0800, Bill Broadley wrote:

> Tier-1?  Or not? 

Not. Just a vanilla ATX 939 socket board, with reasonable performance,
no consumer cruft and as few movable parts as possible. The chassis is
4 U, so plenty of space there.
> If Tier-1, I'm reasonably happy with my $745 Sun x2100.  It has a pci-e
> slot, I had to add a SATA disk ($50), to make it usable.  It does have
> 2 GigE and a 3 year warranty.

I have a X2100 with 4 GBytes and 2x250 SATA drives in a RAID 1,
running Sarge (debian amd64) and a kernel with vserver patches, not 
in the rack yet.

Very nice machine -- don't have the budget for another one, right now.
I figure 200-300 EUR budget should be enough for a motherboard and
an Athlon 64 CPU.
> Pretty nice airflow, fairly short chassis (for a 1U), has redundant

That's a good point -- my rack is reasonably shallow, and won't fit
say, a V20Z.

> trivial to replace CPU fans (i.e. 5 seconds).
> I'm seen similar from many other vendors, but usually with pci-x instead
> of pci-e.

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