Re: FC on ASUS SLI Deluxe for AMD64 X2

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On Tuesday 28 February 2006 08:51am, Boris Devouge wrote:
> Mcguffey, David C wrote:
> > Just finished building a dual boot workstation using the ASUS SLI Deluxe,
> > an AMD64 X2 4200, 4 GB of RAM, two 250 GB SATA in RAID 0 using the
> > onboard Nvida raid contoller, and an ATI Radeon X850 XT PCI-E video card.
> >
> > Based on prior guidance to install Windows first on a dual-boot system,
> > Win XP 64 bit is installed and running A-OK on a 250 GB partition.
> >
> > Next step is to install FC4 or FC5 (preferably FC5) on the remaining 250
> > GB of unpartitioned space.
> >
> > Anything I need to be aware of before I start this process?  Win XP 64
> > required a special Nvida RAID driver as part of the install process. 
> > Will FC4/5 recognize the existing Nvida stripe RAID, or will I have to do
> > something special during the install?
> >
> > Dave McGuffey
> > Principal Information Assurance Engineer / ISSE
> > SAIC IISBU, Columbia, MD
> As far as I am aware, the nvidia sata raid is one of those false
> hardware raid ( really a software raid ) and it does require a special
> driver ( windows only ) to pick up the logical volume information
> defined on the array.

No, it's not windows only.

I have a co-worker who has an nVidia Fake-RAID (a.k.a. FRAID) equipped 
motherboard who has been using the dmraid stuff in FC5 test releases.  There 
have been some problems (see the thread: 
[ ]), 
but it's getting closer.

> More information is available there:

I didn't have time to look at this, so I have no comment on it.

> On FC/RHEL, the system will see 2 separate drives instead of the raid 0
> you defined using the raid bios utility. So you can use software raid
> but it will hose your window installation.

I can not comment authoritatively, as I do not have one of these FRAIDs.  
However, I do not think this statement is accurate if you are using the 
dmraid support, but it probably is in the described setup.

> Hope this helps.

Me too.
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