H8SSL-i: Can't get FC4-x86_64 to install.

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I am trying to install FC4-x86_64 on an H8SSL-i motherboard.  The
boot process crashes during the initial kernel boot with a panic
about not being able to find the root file system.  I was able to
get the 32-bit version installed using the HT1000 MMIO driver
from SuperMicro's web site, but the 64-bit version does not boot
far enough to let me use the driver....

FC5-rc2-x86-64 will boot, but does not appear to (fully) support
the HT1000 because it complains it can find no hard drives.

Has anyone been able to get this working?  If so, I'd love to
hear how...


Ben Greear <greearb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Candela Technologies Inc



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