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You need to check that you have X installed with Fedora core
there are 3 packages that you could have installed X , Gnome
any of these should have installed X for you which leads me
to believe that X is not installed if you do a 
which startx 

it should report back a path

[stephen@captamerica ~]$ which startx
[stephen@captamerica ~]$ 

something like that

if not then you need to install it. 

You can do a 
yum groupinstall  "GNOME Software Development"

or replace the GNOME part with "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

Maybe that will work as im using the commands on a different
RH disto

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From: kallol maji <kalloltukai2004@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
To: amd64-list@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: need help!
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 14:12:53 +0000 (GMT)

> I have a machine with following configuration---
>   1. AMD 64bit(3000+) processor
>   2. MSI RS480 motherboard
>   I am the first time linux user . I have installed Fedora
> Core4 X86_64 bit version.
>   The o.s. has installed properly. But while login frame
> in textmode after i entered my login name and password the
>   [localhost-login]# line comes. Here if i enter 'startx' 
> command to get into the desktop it's giving error 'bash -
> unknown command not found' 
>   What should I do to enter into the desktop and how can I
> switch to GUI mode.
>   Please help me ! 
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