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Andy Dean wrote:

> ..
> Does anyone know of a motherboard that supports both Pci-x and Pci-e 
> x16 as i've not found one yet.
Not yet, except in dual socket.
Coming probably May, in ASUS.
Socket939 Opteron, ATX form factor, both PCI-X and PCI-E, dual GbE, etc.
A little bit more than the SuperMicro, lets say around $315

> Finally probably a stupid question, would there be any advantages in 
> running a 3ware 8006-2LP in a standard Pci slot on an Nvidia ultra 
> board, rather than SATA-2 drives on the nvidia ultra SATA-2 onboard 
> controller?  i ask as i've been offered one very cheap :)
The 3WARE is a RAID controller, the on chip stuff is "FRAID" (Fake RAID).
Of course a "standard PCI slot" if only 32 bit, 33MHz, is pretty slow..


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