Re: opteron 146 thoughts on motherboards

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On Saturday 07 January 2006 00:53, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 00:34 -0500, Peter Arremann wrote:
> > I have that board and the only thing that does not work in the current
> > FC4 install is the lm sensors... that requires an additional patch that's
> > floating around out there somewhere...
> Okay, cool.  I've been so locked into nVidia (with the occasional
> AMD8131/8132 mixed in) as of late that I haven't looked at much else.
I can't recommend this board for a server use or a high end setup. But if you 
are looking for a cheap way to upgrade this board is unbeatable. At about $70 
shipped you get something that will allow you to reuse your AGP card and then 
allow you to go PCI-E whenever you feel like it... 




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