Re: opteron 146 thoughts on motherboards

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The archives of this list has a considerable amount of discussion about motherboards and Opteron processors. Spend a little time reading them. I wanted to upgrade to a dual core processor myself but had cost concerns. And it was a bit confusing reviewing the available motherboards. Someone suggested an Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard, and with the v1.5 BIOS update it is quite nice, I like the board. You might want to look at it. A big advantage is that you can recycle your existing memory sticks and video card to the Asrock.

Bob Cochran

Andy Dean wrote:


am looking at getting an opteron 146, and would like some input with regards to motherboards, whether it's worthwhile going for a tyan tomcat k8e or just for a asus nvidia sli board of some description, or something else if any one has some recomedations. Mainly to be used as a desktop system really. Just wanting to get the best that i can with the budget i have and would value your input.


Andy Dean



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