Re: Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 Motherboard Strangeness -- nVidia PCI IDs on C51 (GF61x0+nF4x0)

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Maurice Hilarius wrote:

Robert L Cochran wrote:

Thanks Bryan. I guess I shouldn't have bought the Plextor. I've been
wanting faster burn times for a long while now.

I would disagree. It IS a good drive in all other aspects.
However it is not a bootable device in the case of how you built your
Fortunately there are other alternatives available. For people in your
case I usually suggest installing a card reader device and using a CF
card as a removable boot device.
CF is ATA standard bootable, and virtually all modern motherboards
support booting off such a device over USB interface.

Thank you. Plextor may be a good drive brand, but this drive doesn't
work in my system. Fedora Core 4 can't recognize either a DVD or CD put
in it. I can't boot off a DVD or CD either. The older DVD drive I had
wanted to retire does work -- it has an IDE interface. I think at the
very least the packaging material included with the drive should have
stated the drive only works in a certain range of motherboards. The
product description on the website of the vendor I bought it from should
have said the same, too. This is dishonest and meant to increase sales.
Now I'm in "wait" mode in order to get an RMA. That's $152.00 tied up
with no return on investment for me. This has taught me to check further
into compatibility for such products.

I think SATA optical drives were discussed in earlier threads here. Pity
I didn't pay attention to them.

Bob Cochran



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