Re: Opteron Vs. Athlon X2

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Robert L Cochran wrote:

I would like to keep to a budget of about USD $600-700 for a CPU upgrade. I want to both develop and use open source software, which means a lot of code-compile-test cycles. I want the compiles to finish quickly. For example, PHP 6.0 (from takes about 4-5 minutes to compile on my single core Athlon 64 3500+, and I'd like to cut the compile time in half. I also want to do web development with PHP and databases. I want to be able to keep up with the current CPUs and get exposure to them.

When you're compiling is your CPU running at 100% (near enough)? Chances are it is, in which case you should benefit from an extra CPU so long as you run either "make -j2" or "cc -pipe" (or both). A while back when I had an two processor machine for development I found that "cc -pipe" ("make -j2" didn't work with the broken build system) cut compilation time dramatically and both CPUs were busy instead of just one of them.

The other advantage of an dual CPU system, at least for software development, was that the autotests found several bugs that we simply hadn't seen before -- every one of them some sort of race condition it was easy to trigger when you can have two processes running at the same time.




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