Re: Fedora 4 DVD install image missing?

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On 8/4/05, Lamont R. Peterson <lamont@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thursday 04 August 2005 11:09am, Bruce Feist wrote:
> > I'm about to install Fedora 4 (64 bit version) on a new computer.  So, I
> > went to find the DVD image on the RH Fedora site, but found only CD
> > images.  Then I looked at the mirrors, and found that some of them had
> > the DVD image as well as the CD images.  How can this be?
> >
> > I downloaded a DVD image from one of the mirrors, and burned a DVD...
> > Fedora's CD check during installation reported that it's defective.  I'm
> > currently trying again, with an image from a different mirror; I'm not
> > optimistic that it'll work; we'll see.  If it doesn't work, I'll either
> > download the CD images from RedHat, or install from a 32-bit install
> > image instead (if I get way too lazy).
> Here's another option:
> 1.  Download DVD or CD iso(s)
> 2.  Verify shasums
> 3.  loopback mount iso(s)
> 4.  copy all the content of the DVD/CDs to a directory on a file server
>     (unfortunately, newer versions of NFS servers will not export any of the
> content of loopback mounted directories successfully, I used to do that and
> it worked well, but I have not taken the time to figure out how to get the
> NFS server to do it.  Another option is to use unionfs, which can be
> successfully exported, though I haven't tested it).

Really?  I updated one Fedora box that doesn't have a DVD drive (CD
only) by loopback mounting the DVD iso on a directory and exporting
that directory via NFS from my FC4 x86_64 laptop.  Worked great.

> 5.  Export via NFS (and/or FTP/HTTP.
> 6.  Burn a CD using the boot.iso image in the images/ directory on the first
> CD or on the DVD.
> 7.  Boot your system(s) using the boot.iso CD and do a network install.
> I have found this to be much better way to install systems.  I have done
> upgrade installs this way for my AMD64 box.  You only use 1 CD (and it could
> be a little 50MB biz-card disc, if you want) and the network installation is
> MUCH faster than swapping discs or using the DVD.

I don't know about it being faster.  I don't see there is any
advantage if your computer has a DVD drive.  It still requires you to
get the isos, which seems to be the problem right now.  Also the OP
said he didn't have a Linux computer that he could trust to do
bittorrent.  I'm not sure what he meant exactly, but I'd say that
means he doesn't have one that could do NFS either.

> Of course, I also burn a DVD-/+RW disc to carry the newest version of Fedora
> with me.  I would like to find a 2-sided DVD-/+RW disc to burn x86 on one side
> and AMD64 on the other.

That would be cool.  I have seen a pressed 2-sided DVD, no writables
though, not that I've looked.




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