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Mark Hahn wrote:

with an Athlon 64 3500+, and I want to upgrade to the X2 processors. I also want to start programming specifically for dual cores -- I think

you can practice by getting a dual-socket board with single-core chips;
there's nothing new, at least at user-level, to dual-core.
That would be sort of expensive for me. hopefully MSI will release a BIOS update real soon now.

for that your code needs to start multiple threads. I need to start looking for documentation that explains how to do this.

yes, you need >1 thread or process.  but that can be had using many different
programming interfaces: fork, threads, openmp, mpi, etc.
Speaking as a beginner in C where can I find good sample code that does this? How can I programmatically check for multiple CPUs or a multicore CPU? How can I programmatically send one thread to a specific CPU or CPU core? Or do I just create multiple threads and let the OS decide where to send them?

regards, mark hahn.



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